Best Home Loans for New Brunswick NJ

Best Home Loans for New Brunswick NJ

New Brunswick is located in Middlesex County New Jersey just minutes from downtown New York and Woodbridge Township. Is one of the largest cities in Middlesex County.

Xpress Lending offers a wide range of home loans to choose from from VA, conventional, USDA, and FHA. Whether you are financing a condominium, townhouse, stick built home, or manufactured home, Xpress Lending is your one-stop shop for every type of loan you might need. But don’t take our word for it:

“Xpress Lending was off them in tracking down the right loan for our unique situation. We had some bankruptcies on our record so finding the right loan was a little bit tricky. Frank was crucial in communicating with the underwriter and got us the right loan at exactly the right time. Thanks guys!” – Cynthia J.

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USDA – looking for a zero down home loan option? There are several USDA home loans that are ideal for properties in rural areas. This might be an excellent opportunity to grab a ranch home in the country with very little to no money down.

VA Loan – are you a member of the military or active military personnel or have you ever been? This loan might be ideal as it offers zero down and a wide range of options that benefit the buyer.

FHA Loan – This loan is ideal for first-time homebuyers as there is an extremely low 3.5% down payment requirement and eligibility is a little more lax than on a conventional loan. Let us run the numbers to see if an FHA loan is the right option.

Conventional Loan – This loan is perfect for those with a 10 to 20% down payment as it offers some of the best rates and terms out there. This loan is perfect for someone selling their property and using the equity gained as a down payment on the next home. Certain limitations and eligibilities are required.

For anyone looking for a mortgage or home loan in New Brunswick New Jersey, Xpress Lending offer some of the best rates and customer service around.

“We were so confused when we first talked with Xpress Lending but their loan officers made everything so easy to understand that we really felt knowledgeable about the process with just a few conversations. This made us feel comfortable in going with Xpress Lending and were so glad we did. We closed on time and never was confused about the process.” – Janel and Mark

Whether this is your first home, an investment property or rental, or your 10th home, let us help make this process easy and clear. There’s so much to know in the mortgage and loan world that it can be overwhelming and confusing. We want to do away with all of that by offering some of the clearest and concise information you can find anywhere throughout New Brunswick or Middlesex County.

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