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How much will my principal be?

Your principal is calculated by how much your principal balance will be after a certain number of years of payment.

How long will my mortgage last if I pay more every month?

Calculates how long your martgage will last if you make monthly payments that are larger than your monthly principal plus interest.

Interest-Only payment calculator?

Calculates how much your mortgage payment will be with an Interest-Only mortgage.

How much home can I afford?

Calculates how much home you can afford based on your monthly income, debt and other factors such as down payment and lending ratios.

What are the tax benefits of buying?

Estimates how much money you will save in taxes when you buy a home.

Should I pay points?

Calculates your monthly savings (resulting from the lower interest rate) as well as the breakeven point for the upfront cost of point(s) paid.

How much income to qualify?

Calculates what your gross monthly income should be in order to qualify for the home you want.

Amortization Calculator

Calculates your mortgage payment amortization.

Should I refinance?

Calculates the total cost and savings of your refinance transaction.

What is my APR?

Calculates the APR of your loan.

What is the APR for my ARM?

Calculates the APR of your ARM loan.

How much will my payments be (ARM loan)?

Calculates the payment of an ARM loan.

Which loan is better?

Compares two loans side by side (total amount paid per loan including all costs).

Standard vs Bi-weekly

Calculates your savings in interest paid as well as length of your loan if you were to make bi-weekly payments as opposed to monthly payments.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Calculates if you are better off buying a home, or if you should continue to rent.


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